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Retainers After Treatment

You will definitely have to wear a retainer after any type of orthodontic treatment because while the treatment may give you straight teeth, the retainer is what helps keep the teeth straight for years to come. In order to maintain your results from the orthodontic treatment you underwent, retainers will help keep the tooth position post-treatment instead of having them revert back to their original, crooked positions. Our orthodontist serving Downers Grove is here to give you all the information you need regarding retainers.

The Retainer Options

The two different kinds of retainers are removable and fixed. Removable retainers are just that—you can take them out and put them in whenever you see fit. Fixed retainers are permanently placed by the orthodontist and if you want it out, you have to go back to your orthodontist for them to remove it.

The two removable retainer options are wire retainers and clear retainers.

  • Wire Retainers: These are made of wire and plastic-like material and either cover the roof of your mouth or behind the lower front teeth. The wires are there to help keep the teeth in place.
  • Clear Retainers: These are transparent trays that are made of a plastic-like material and are the exact replica of the teeth.

Wearing Your Retainer

If you want to keep your teeth straight forever, it’s best to wear your retainers nightly for life. Wearing a retainer will end up becoming a part of your oral hygiene routine as you brush and floss before bed, then insert your retainer.

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