New Patients

Ever been to Oakbrook Orthodontics? If not, you’re in the right place to find out all about how we can help give you a beaming, healthy and perfectly aligned smile.

The first thing you should know is that we realize what a big decision it is to seek out orthodontic care and we’re excited to help you make your dream a reality. From start to finish, the professionals at Oakbrook Orthodontics will be working hard to make sure you get as much value as possible out of your orthodontic care.

From cutting-edge technology to respectful, patient orthodontists, we’ll provide a variety of foolproof orthodontic treatments that fit into the individual care plan that we use for each patient.

Start Your Smile With an Initial Consultation

At Oakbrook Orthodontics, we start each patient relationship with an initial consultation. During this consultation, our patients (that’s you) will be provided with an opportunity to get educated about orthodontics, complete an initial exam, explore treatment options, and meet the team of professionals responsible for their orthodontic care.

The initial consultation will consist of:

  • A complete review of your medical and dental history paperwork.
  • A comprehensive oral exam, including X-rays, from which we will determine if you need treatment.
  • Formulation of a personalized orthodontic treatment plan.
  • Explanation and discussion of logistical information such as financing, payment plans, and insurance options.

Of course, you’ll also be able to answer any questions you have about our team’s process. And you can rest assured that you’ll receive all the knowledge and information you need to make a determination as to which treatment fits your needs.

Then What Happens?

Once your initial consultation is finished, you’re that much closer to smiling like you’ve been wanting to. Following the initial consultation, you’ll have a first appointment scheduled during which your orthodontist will implement whichever treatment options you have decided is right for you.

Generally speaking, this initial appointment will last for about one hour. And of course, our team is standing by the entire team to ensure you’re comfortable during the length of the process.

Ongoing Appointments

After the initial consultation and the first appointment, you’ll still need to come in periodically. Depending on your treatment plan, you’ll need to come into the office anywhere from once a month to once every two months.

And don’t worry, we’ll make sure to schedule appointments that are convenient and easy for you to attend.

Ready to get started? Schedule your consultation by calling (630)705-7900!

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