Invisalign Teen®

Not too excited about wearing metal braces?

Invisalign Teen lets you wear braces in a totally different and “invisible” way!

With Invisalign Teen you don’t have to say no to being asked out for a date, wear a brown bag to hide your face, or lock yourself away inside your bedroom for three years! Invisalign Teen aligners are the perfect solution for your busy life because:

  • They are transparent
  • You can remove them
  • They are very comfortable to wear
  • They are designed specifically for you

Buttered Popcorn At The Movies, Licorice, Pizza: Not A Problem!

You have most likely heard that you can’t eat everything your want to if you have braces. However, you can eat whatever you’d like with Invisalign Teen!

Invisalign Teen aligners are removable, so you can feel free to enjoy all of the foods you love – and you won’t have to worry about breaking off a metal bracket of snapping a rubber band.

Wear Them Everywhere

Invisalign Teen aligners are very comfortable to wear and they are made very strong. You’ll be able to wear them during any of your extracurricular activities. Whether you’re running the 100 Meter Shuttle Hurdles, starring in the spring musical, or playing the saxophone with the jazz band, you won’t need to worry about metal braces getting in your way!

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