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At What Age Can Kids Get Braces?

Kids Braces

It’s not uncommon for children to have crooked teeth, and in many cases, kids need braces as they grow older to align their teeth. While many parents can see the need for braces, it’s not always obvious what age will be best to begin treatment.

Most orthodontists recommend you begin taking your child to the orthodontist at 7 years old. Doing so will help the orthodontist keep an eye on your child’s development and provide preventative care recommendations.

When Should My Child Start Wearing Braces?

Orthodontists usually start braces treatment once a child has lost all of their baby teeth and the majority of their adult teeth have grown in. Children develop at different rates, so this age will vary. In general, most kids get braces between 8 and 14 years old.

Are Braces Important?

While you may assume braces are only necessary for superficial reasons, they can actually be an important treatment option for many pediatric dental problems. If your child has any of the following issues, they may benefit from braces treatment:

  • Unusual tooth loss
  • Mouth breathing
  • Crowded teeth
  • Speech problems
  • Night grinding
  • Jaw issues

Chewing and biting problems

If your child is experiencing any of these issues, make an appointment with your orthodontist. They’ll thoroughly examine your child’s teeth and determine whether or not braces are the right course of action.

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