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Athlete’s Guide: How to Find the Best Mouthguard for Braces


If you play sports, it’s important to wear a mouthguard, especially if you play a contact sport. It protects your teeth from impact and can prevent serious injuries. However, if you wear braces, it can be a little more difficult to find a mouthguard that properly fits over your teeth.

In this guide, we’ll explain the benefits of different types of mouthguards and how to find the best sports mouthguard for braces.

​Can You Wear a Mouthguard with Braces?

In short, yes, it’s possible to use a mouthguard when you have braces. However, you’ll likely need to choose a specially-made mouthguard rather than a store-bought option. Most mouthguards are built to be tight-fitting so they can protect your teeth from impact. This snug fit can become a problem for anyone who has braces or aligners. That’s why most orthodontists suggest choosing a customized sports mouthguard if you wear braces.

​Do You Need a Special Mouthguard for Braces?

Customized mouthguards are useful for anyone who’s an athlete, but they are especially beneficial for people who have braces. A custom-fit mouthguard is created in an orthodontist’s office and the process is relatively easy.

Your orthodontist will take a mold of your teeth, and then they’ll use that mold to create a customized mouthguard. In some cases, your orthodontist may instead send the mold to a separate company to create the guard. This type of custom mouthguard is the best way to create a snug fit while still leaving enough room to protect your braces.

​Where Can I Buy Mouthguards for Braces?

Most sports stores and major retailers carry generic mouthguards, also known as stock mouthguards. While these options are relatively inexpensive, they can be fairly uncomfortable for people who wear braces.

Boil-and-bite mouthguards are another popular option that is available in stores. While these mouthguards create a slightly better fit than generic options, they may still cause some discomfort if you wear braces.

All in all, the only way to create a perfect fit is to get a customized mouthguard from your orthodontist. Most orthodontic practices offer mouthguards made of medical-grade silicone that will fit quite well over your braces and teeth.

​Customized Mouthguards in Downers Grove

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