Symetri Clear Brackets

What are Symetri™ Clear Bracket Braces?

Symetri™ Clear is an innovative bracket system made from a clear ceramic material, designed to be used with your braces treatment. These tooth-colored braces are preferred by orthodontists for their aesthetic quality and their easy and safe removal.

Oakbrook Orthodontics is one of the few orthodontist offices to carry the Symetri™ Clear system. Whether you’re a teen or an adult, Symetri™ Clear has something to offer you! Read on to learn more about the benefits of this ceramic bracket system. Afterward, schedule a consultation with one of our orthodontists.

Clearly Beautiful

One of the most apparent benefits of ceramic brackets is their sleek, clear appearance. Symetri™ Clear brackets are strong and durable, yet nearly invisible. Most patients anticipate hiding their teeth during their braces treatment. Symetri™ Clear brackets are discrete and resistant to stains, meaning you can smile brightly without worry.


Rough, jutting edges are, unfortunately, a common occurrence with traditional metal braces brackets. Low-profile ceramic brackets, on the other hand, are extremely comfortable and won’t rub against your gums. No more cuts, broken brackets, or frequent wax applications, just comfortable, easy-to-wear braces!

Easy to Remove

One of the greatest benefits of Symetri™ Clear braces is their incredible ease of removal. Bracket removal, known as debonding, can leave glue residue and stains behind on your teeth. With a ceramic system, debonding is easier and poses less risk of damage to your enamel. The result—healthy teeth and gums and a healthy smile.

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Our orthodontists prefer Symetri™ Clear brackets for their refined strength and ease of debonding. Plus, their beautiful, discrete appearance makes them a great option for most patients looking to have their teeth straightened.

If you’re considering braces work for yourself or your child, trust the experts at Oakbrook Orthodontics. We’re constantly investigating the latest technologies to bring you the most convenient and innovative orthodontic solutions.

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