A Faster Way To Your New Smile!

AcceleDent Aura Oakbrook TerraceAcceledent can speed your tooth movement up by up to 50%! AcceleDent is a very easy to use, hands free device used for quicker orthodontic treatment – and you only use it for 20 minutes a day.

It’s Very Gentle.

AcceleDent Aura creates gentle micropulses that accelerate the movement of your teeth. Using the patented SoftPulse Technology, the micropulses use up to eight times less force than using a power toothbrush!

It’s Safe and Reliable.

AcceleDent Appliances Oakbrook TerraceAcceleDent has been used for thousands of patients around the world since it was introduced in 2009 and it is safe to use as demonstrated in US clinical trials. Acceledent is prescription only from orthodontists and has been cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Your Smile Will Love The Benefits of Acceledent Aura!

  • You’ll speed up the process of achieving your new smile.
  • AcceleDent is safe for patients of all ages.
  • The AcceleDent device is very light and comfortable to use.
  • AcceleDent’s hands-free design enables you to attain your new smile much faster – even while cooking, watching your favorite TV show, or doing homework.

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