The time when people have braces is often when they are participating in sports, for middle school and high school are common ages for braces. With this in mind, protecting your child’s smile is important. Many sports, such as football, hockey, rugby, soccer, skateboarding, wresting, and more, can lead to serious injuries, including ones that involve the mouth. When playing sports without a mouthguard, potential for injury increases, for all players involved.

Varieties of Mouthguards

Different types of mouthguards exist so that you can get the right type depending on needs. When you do pick a mouthguard, there are a couple of requirements you will want to make sure are met. The mouthguard ought to be tear-resistant and feel comfortable in your child’s mouth. In addition, you will likely want to find one that is easy to clean, for obvious reasons. The types of mouthguards include:

  • Pre-made
  • Boil-and-bate
  • Custom-made

With pre-made and boil-and-bate you will be able to purchase these at most sporting goods stores, but custom-made may be the right option. Here at Oakbrook Orthodontics, we will be able to make a mouthguard that can fit your child’s mouth over the braces perfectly.

Protect Your Investment

A mouthguard is essential for those playing in contact sports and wearing braces. It is all too easy for athletes to knock into each other, leading to the braces potentially being damaged. It is important, then, for a mouthguard to come into play. When your teen has a mouthguard that can fit over their braces, they will be able to play sports without you worrying about what is going to happen to their braces.

Many sports require a mouthguard, such as football. However, there are some sports that do not require one, but you may want to consider getting one anyways.

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