Life with Braces

With your braces properly installed, you’re one big step closer to a straighter smile. But did you know that taking care of your braces is as much (or more) up to you as it is to your orthodontist?

It’s true. To get the best results possible, there are a few things you need to know about taking care of your braces. And it starts with eating the right foods.

Do’s and Don’ts of Eating with Braces

There’s no avoiding it; you’re going to have to temporarily give up some foods that you may enjoy. This includes hard foods such as nuts and hard candies; chewy foods like bagels or licorice; crunchy foods such as popcorn or ice; sticky foods like caramel and gun; and finally, foods like corn on the cob or apples which require a hard bite.

Don’t worry. You’re not going to starve. In fact, there are far more foods that you can eat with braces than there are foods that you can’t eat.

The foods you can eat include fruits, seafood, meat, grains, bread, dairy, and vegetables. So if you’re craving any of the foods you can’t eat, like popcorn, replace it with some delicious fruits or vegetables. After all, your braces are only temporary and if you can avoid a few foods for the time you have your braces, you won’t have to worry about it ever again once your braces come off.

Can You Play Sports with Braces?

We’d recommend wearing protection in the form of a mouthguard to prevent your braces or teeth from getting damaged. If you are hoping to play sports while you have your braces on, ask your doctor for his or her recommendation. That way, you can be sure you’re using a mouthguard that provides the proper protection.

Is Soreness Normal?

If your teeth, mouth, or both are feeling sore after getting your braces on, don’t worry. It’s completely normal for you to feel a little soreness—it will go away soon. One way you can relieve some of the soreness is to dissolve a teaspoon of salt into one cup of warm water. Gargle this mixture for a minute or two (without swallowing) and it should provide some relief.

Questions? Give Us a Call!

Most issues with your braces probably won’t be a big deal. But if you think the appliance has been damaged, give us a call so we can figure out whether or not you need to come in and get your braces looked at.

Do not wait, contact us today for free and learn more.