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National Children’s Dental Health Month

This February is the 63rd annual National Children’s Dental Health Month and as your orthodontist in Lombard, we are here to both improve your child’s dental health and treat their teeth with the utmost care. February is not the only month that your child’s dental health needs attention, but it is a great time to instill healthy cleaning habits and to teach the benefits of healthy teeth. The theme this year is “Brush Your Teeth with Fluoride Toothpaste and Clean Your Teeth for a Healthy Smile.” Due to tooth decay being the most common dental disease for children, the message of using fluoride toothpaste is an important one to get out. In addition to keeping your child’s pearly whites clean, it is important to consider orthodontic options for them starting at a young age. Advances in orthodontia have created the opportunity to begin aiding patients earlier on, which reduces the need for corrective treatments later on in their lives. In fact, Phase One, which is the name for early treatment, often begins as early as age eight.

Early Issues

Below are a few common issues with children’s teeth that raise the need for a visit or care from your orthodontist in Lombard:

  • Thumb sucking
  • Chipped teeth
  • Teeth spacing or overcrowding
  • Jaw and bite misalignment

If you think your child may be suffering from any of these issues, bringing them in for a checkup to diagnose outright any issues will prevent further related problems and set them up to ideally require less work in the future.

An Orthodontist Visit: What to Expect

Should you decide that your child needs to visit our orthodontist in Lombard, a thorough clinical examination will be given. Photographs and x-rays of both the teeth and mouth are taken, then the orthodontist will give a diagnosis, explain any problems and recommend a course of action. If any action is needed, impressions of your child’s teeth will be made. In-depth explanations of recommended appliances will be given by our orthodontist and treatment plans will be setup – including costs and financing, insurance benefits, as well as the length of the plan and frequency of appointments necessary.

Remember, both teeth brushing and orthodontic appliances are key components for improving your child’s dental health. Contact our trusted orthodontist in Lombard today to setup an appointment to evaluate their current dental health and stay a step ahead of any potential issues.



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