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Myths About Orthodontic Treatment

When you step foot into our orthodontist office in Lombard, you may not know exactly what to expect. While we treat a wide variety of mouth-related issues and no two patients are the same, we have heard many myths over the years about orthodontia treatment and what it includes. To set the record straight, we’ve included a list of myths regarding our orthodontist in Lombard.

All Orthodontic Care is Expensive

This could not be further from the truth! This is a common misconception that we hear time and time again. While some orthodontic treatments are more expensive than others, we do our best to keep prices affordable. We believe that a healthy, confident smile should be accessible to everyone, regardless of financial background. We make it a point to be efficient with not only your money but your time as well, so you can spend less time in our office and more time in the world doing what makes you smile.

Office Visit Aren’t Important

We understand that life can be busy but carving out the proper time to visit our orthodontist in Lombard will serve you and your smile well in the long run. It is during this time that we will evaluate your progress and tweak anything necessary to ensure you are on track with your progress. All of our professionals have the training and education to guide you along this journey, so you can see results in the shortest amount of time possible. When you leave our office with the smile you’ve always wanted, you will be happy you put in the time and effort to make this possible!

Braces Are the Only Option

In order to get straight teeth, braces are an option, but we also offer Invisalign services that are beneficial. Invisalign can benefit teens and adults alike, and they are a series of clear trays that gradually straighten your teeth. Regardless if you have braces or Invisalign, we won’t stop until your smile is picture-perfect.

Orthodontic Treatment is Only for Teens

You’re never too old to get straight teeth! Investing in your smile is something you will always be happy about in the long run. Having a smile you feel confident about is truly a life-changing experience that we want to help you with!

If you have questions about orthodontic treatment or you are looking for a reputable orthodontist in Lombard, contact Oakbrook Orthodontics today to get started!

Source: AAO

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