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You Just Got Braces. What Can You Expect?

You’ve finally got your braces from your orthodontist serving Hinsdale and you are one step closer to a straighter smile that you can show off to the world. Having the wires and brackets on your teeth for the first time can feel new and uncomfortable, so here are some tips to follow as you embark on the first few days with your new braces.


Before You Go Home

Once your orthodontist has given you braces, it’s important to make sure that you think of these helpful steps before you leave the office. We want you to be as comfortable as possible during the first few days with your braces so make sure you do the following:

  • Feel around the archwires with your fingers and tongue to make sure nothing is poking out in any area in your mouth.
  • Double-check with your orthodontist that you understand what you’re doing in between appointments. Ask any questions that come to mind regarding your headgear, rubber bands, or even just oral hygiene and diet.
  • Make sure you schedule a follow-up appointment that you are able to attend without delaying or forgetting about it.


Feeling Sore

If your teeth feel tender or sore after first getting braces, don’t be alarmed! This is normal and taking some over-the-counter pain medication, like Tylenol, can help relieve any discomfort. After a few days, your discomfort will mellow out and you’ll feel back to normal in no time.


Avoid Foods

You’re able to eat right when you leave the office, but make sure you avoid some foods now that you have braces. For example, you shouldn’t eat hard and sticky foods as they can break or damage the wires and brackets and try to minimize your intake of sugary foods as they cause tooth decay.


Keep Proper Oral Hygiene

Whether you have braces or not, make sure you are following proper oral hygiene like brushing and flossing daily. If you need tips on how to brush and floss with braces, check out Oral-B’s breakdown.


Contact your orthodontist serving Hinsdale today if you have any questions regarding the first few days with your braces. We are always happy to help and cannot wait to see your new and improved smile!

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