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Do You Want Straighter Teeth?

Many people don’t naturally have the straight teeth they want to experience a beautiful smile. This can make them afraid to smile. In these cases, it’s important to turn to an experienced orthodontist for braces or some other alternative treatment plan. At Oakbrook Orthodontics in Lombard, you will work with a caring staff that wants to provide the ideal treatment plan to give you the straight teeth you want. You don’t have to be afraid to show your pearly whites once you are done with your treatment plan.

Turn to Us for a Variety of Treatment Options

When you visit our orthodontist in Lombard, you won’t have to simply settle for traditional metal braces. While this is still sometimes the right option for certain patients, many other patients can choose from one of the alternative treatments available. For instance, the Invisalign system is a great way to gradually straighten your teeth with a system of clear aligners that can be removed for eating and caring for your teeth. We also offer a number of other options that are designed for specific situations just like yours.

Smile with Pride

We understand the importance of a healthy, beautiful smile and strive to give each of our patients access to the treatment options they need. We know metal braces aren’t the ideal option for many people. This is why our orthodontist is trained in providing other treatment options. We work with you so you can feel more confident in your smile. Few things bring self-esteem down more than feeling like people are judging you based on your smile. After you go through orthodontic treatment with our Lombard orthodontist, you will feel like you can smile at any time without worrying about what people may think.

We Help You Choose the Right Option

Traditional braces can still be the right choice for some people and are often one of the most affordable options. However, we understand they aren’t the perfect solution for everyone. This is why our orthodontist in Lombard will sit down with every patient and go over their specific needs, as well as the pros and cons of each treatment type, so every patient can get exactly what they need. Once you make your final decision, we can help you figure out the best financing to ensure your treatment plan is as affordable as possible.

All the Latest Technology

Our orthodontist in Lombard uses all the latest technology when it comes to applying braces and other treatment options that can help straighten your smile. The dental field is constantly changing, including orthodontics. This means you need to turn to an office that will be able to give you all the advantages. We take great pride in training our staff to use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure you get the most out of your treatment plan.

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