Caring, Trusted Treatment for Dental Braces in Wheaton

At Oakbrook Orthodontics, we’re all about helping you get a great smile! We know that everyone is unique, so we offer lots of different choices for treatments. What works well for one person might not be the best for someone else.

We’re here to make sure you have all the info you need to pick the perfect treatment for your teeth. This guide should help our friends in Wheaton find the braces that fit just right for them.

Our Wheaton Braces Options

Today’s dental technology gives people who need braces lots of state of the art choices. At Oakbrook Orthodontics, we have the following options for orthodontic treatment.

Traditional Metal Braces:
These are the most common type and have been around for decades. Millions have been treated with metal braces, which use metal brackets, wires, and rubber bands, to get straight teeth. They’re usually the most budget-friendly way to fix your smile, but the cost can change depending on what you need.

Clear Ceramic Braces:
These have become popular because they’re not as noticeable as traditional metal braces. They’re made of a ceramic material that blends in with your teeth, so they’re less visible. But, they need a bit more care than metal braces and are usually best for older teens and adults.

Lightforce™ Braces:
With this option, we use 3D printing to make these cool braces just for you. The orthodontist uses a special scanner to see how your teeth are now, and then the Lightforce™ team makes braces that fit you perfectly. The best part? No need to get those gooey impressions of your teeth, and your visits to the orthodontist are shorter!

Invisalign® Clear Aligners:
Invisalign® is all about clear, see-through trays that you switch out periodically as your teeth move into place. The best thing about Invisalign®? You can take the trays out when you eat and drink, so you won’t miss out eating your favorite foods. Just remember, however, you need to wear them for at least 22 hours a day to get the best results.

Spark™ Clear Aligners:
These aligners are super thin and clear, which makes them comfy to wear. You can take them out when you’re eating and drinking. But, just like the other removable options, you should wear them for at least 22 hours a day to get the best smile.

Your Go-To Choice for Braces in Wheaton, IL – The Oakbrook Orthodontics Team

Each of our treatments is special and helps move your teeth in different ways. What’s perfect for one person might not be the best option for someone else. In addition to the treatment options we offer, we don’t want money worries to stop you from getting the smile you deserve. We take most dental insurance plans and offer different options to pay for your orthodontic care.

In our Wheaton orthodontist office, we’re excited to chat about all our treatment choices with you. If your teeth need some help getting straight, call us at 630-608-6676 or contact us online. Book your first free consultation today to learn more about our orthodontic services at Oakbrook Orthodontics!

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