Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment: What is It?

Braces, brackets and wires are all words commonly associated with our orthodontist in Lombard. However, have you heard of two-phase orthodontic treatment before? Just as it sounds, two-phase orthodontic treatment occurs in two separate stages during development. We can typically determine whether or not your child will need two-phase orthodontic treatment at age six.

Phase I Treatment

If your child is a good candidate for two-phase treatment, the first treatment stage will be completed while they still have baby teeth, and braces may be utilized depending on the individual. Other possible treatment options during the first phase includes expansion, an active retainer or partial braces. Misalignment issues will likely be apparent at this point. Intercepting potential and developing problems early on can lessen the severity of treatment down the road. The end goal of the first phase is to allow for the eruption of permanent teeth in the future, and ensuring there is enough room for them to come in.

Potential benefits of Phase I treatment include influencing jaw growth, help guide the front teeth, correct poor oral health habits, improve speech development, reduce the need to remove permanent teeth and many more.

Resting Phase

In-between the two phases is a resting phase during which we wait for the remaining permanent teeth to come in. While retainers are sometimes necessary during the resting period, they may not be used to avoid interfering with the eruption process.

Phase II Treatment

The second phase of treatment revolves around making sure every tooth is in its correct position inside of your mouth. This phase can only begin when all of the permanent teeth have come in. Our orthodontist in Lombard will likely utilize traditional braces during the second phase of treatment for usually 12-18 months, depending on the individual. Thanks to the progress made during the first phase, the second phase usually requires no headgear and fewer rubber bands. The more progress made during the first phase of treatment, the less that needs to occur during the second phase.

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