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Once you are older, the idea of wearing braces in Lombard is much less appealing. In addition, treatment may take longer if you have been avoiding getting orthodontic treatment. Fortunately, there may be the perfect option for you: Wilckodontics!

What is Wilckodontics?

Wilckodontics, or Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics™, is a new procedure that essentially speeds up orthodontia work so that it is done within three to eight months. For anyone who has researched orthodontia work, they know that that is an extremely short amount of time. There have been many advances in orthodontia in the past years, but not many can speed up the time it takes.

Wilckodontics starts with a minimally invasive procedure that removes part of your alveolar bone’s surface, meaning that your braces will be able to work faster, as the bone’s mineral content is lessened. After a short period of time, your teeth will be in the correct position and the alveolar bone will have healed. The procedure combines orthodontic mechanics with alveolar techniques that have been used for many years.

Who Can Benefit from Wilckodontics?

The people who may have originally denied orthodontia work due to the amount of time it takes are the perfect candidates for this procedure. However, anyone with permanent teeth can take advantage of Wilckodontics. Teenagers in high school and adults that have certain professional responsibilities are two types of people that would very much benefit from this procedure.

If you are looking to have your teeth straight with good dental function in a short amount of time, Wilckodontics could be the perfect option.

Wilckodontics at Oakbrook Orthodontics

When you have a significant orthodontic problem, it can take years to rectify. However, many people, especially as they get older, do not want braces on for three years. Previously, the other alternative was to just not get any orthodontia work done, which can lead to a myriad of other issues.

Oakbrook Orthodontics is pleased to offer Wilckodontics at our offices. If you have been putting off orthodontia work or think you may need work done, schedule an appointment with our orthodontist. We can talk you through all the pros and cons of this procedure, as well as other treatment options.Contact us at 630-705-7900.

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