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Radiance Brackets

What are Radiance Brackets?

Radiance brackets are a clear orthodontic solution that allows you to confidently live your life while your teeth are being straightened. Radiance brackets are specially cut from a single crystal of pure sapphire. Once the cutting is complete, the brackets are heated and polished until they are smooth, clear and ready to wear. The following are characteristics of Radiance Brackets:

  • Invisible: Unlike any other bracket on the market, Radiance brackets are completely invisible! You’ll feel confident smiling even during your treatment.
  • Comfortable: Radiance brackets are cut from pure crystal sapphire, and then heat polished until they are smooth. You won’t have to worry about rough edges irritating your mouth like traditional braces may do.
  • Stain-Free: The brackets’ high polished surface works as a barrier to protect your teeth from staining and discoloration.
  • Strong and Effective: The brackets are designed to be the strongest brackets available. Radiance brackets are cut from crystal and treated with heat until smooth to ensure a solid bracket that is remarkably strong and less likely to break.

Why should I choose Radiance brackets?

Radiance brackets are appropriate for nearly every type of orthodontic need. Radiance brackets are the ultimate combination of beauty, performance and strength:

  • Beauty: For those who do not want noticeable wires and brackets of traditional metal braces, Radiance brackets are an excellent choice. The brackets are proven to be the clearest of all ceramic braces. They are made from pure sapphire, providing an exceptionally clear appearance. The body of the braces also resists stains so teeth stay pearly white throughout treatment.
  • Performance: The brackets are designed to help straighten your teeth quickly and effectively without sacrificing your comfort. The brackets are constructed to have a smooth surface, but be as thick and durable as possible. The smooth, contoured design makes them easier to keep clean, helping to maintain proper hygiene.
  • Strength: You will feel confident knowing your braces have the durability your orthodontist needs to effectively deliver your ideal smile. Radiance brackets are as strong as they are beautiful. The sapphire used for the bracket body is one of the hardest materials in nature, second to diamond.

Your Choice for a Confident Smile

Radiance is confidence! You don’t have to wait until your treatment is complete to share your beautiful smile. With Radiance brackets, you can smile with confidence all throughout your treatment. There are several clear, aesthetic appliance choices available to straighten teeth, but many of these are only designed to work with the least complicated orthodontic needs. Radiance brackets are designed to help correct nearly every type of case and are available in many options designed to address your specific aesthetic concerns. Call us today to discuss Radiance brackets at (630) 705-7900.

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