Radiance Brackets: Truly Invisible Braces

The fact is, clear acrylic applications such as Invisalign™ may not be enough to straighten some patients’ teeth. This leaves them with the choice to live with an imperfect smile or be forced to wear braces with unsightly wires and brackets for several months. That is, until Radiance Brackets came along.

Radiance Brackets provide the same effectiveness that you find from traditional braces without the wires and metal brackets. How’s this possible? With pure sapphire.

Radiance Brackets are made of one crystal consisting of only pure sapphire. The sapphire is cut, the bracket is heated, and the stone is polished up to the point that it is clear and suitable for use.

Your Choice for a Confident Smile

Radiance is your path to confidence. You don’t have to wait until your treatment is complete to share your beautiful smile. With Radiance brackets, you can smile with confidence all throughout your treatment.

There are several clear, aesthetic appliance choices available to straighten teeth, but many of these are only designed to work with the least complicated orthodontic needs. Radiance brackets are designed to help correct nearly every type of case and are available in many options designed to address your specific aesthetic concerns.

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Why Go With Radiance Instead of Traditional Brackets?

Radiance brackets are appropriate for nearly every type of orthodontic need. Radiance brackets are the ultimate combination of beauty, performance and strength:

  • If you want to avoid unsightly brackets and wires, these brackets make a lot of sense. There are no other brackets quite as transparent and subtle as Radiance Brackets.
  • For a straighter smile in the least amount of time as possible, you can’t do any better than Radiance Brackets
  • The strength of your Radiance Brackets—because they’re made from pure sapphire, will be second to none.

Interested in Radiance Brackets? Oakbrook Orthodontics is Your Next Stop

We’ve said a lot about the benefits of going with Radiance Brackets. And it’s all true. But the effectiveness of your Orthodontic treatment doesn’t just depend on the braces themselves; it also depends on the quality of the application, regular adjustments, and more.

And those things can only be done by a professional orthodontist of the highest caliber. After all, you’ve made the choice to go with the best of the best in Radiance Brackets, so why settle for less with your orthodontist?

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