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At Oakbrook Orthodontics we’re all about building beautiful, healthy smiles lasting a lifetime, using the most advanced treatment options that modern dental science has to offer. In our Lombard clinic, we take our commitment to each of our patients seriously. We will always provide exceptional treatment, respect for your time (knowing we all live busy, demanding lives!), and an orthodontic practice that’s always welcoming and friendly.

To say it another way, our braces orthodontist in Lombard views you or your children as more than patients: to us, you’re all part of the Oakbrook Orthodontics family, and we feel privileged that you’ve placed your care in our hands!

A child with green braces smiles as they prepare to brush their teeth with a yellow toothbrush.

Orthodontic treatment in two phases

At Oakbrook Orthodontics, we prefer a two-phase approach to orthodontic treatment spread out over several years.

  • Phase 1 – This initial stage begins around age 6, while our patients still have their baby teeth. Essentially, this is a monitoring phase during which we start to identify any misalignment issues and take steps to promote overall oral health and create an environment conducive to healthy permanent teeth.
  • Phase 2 – This is the corrective phase of treatment and begins when the child has all their permanent teeth. The object is to provide a beautiful, lifelong smile by making sure that each tooth is aligned in its proper place, and we offer a wide array of orthodontic treatment options to accomplish this goal.

With this two-phase approach to orthodontic therapy, we’re able to study your child’s mouth, as well as their oral development and diagnostic records over an extended period, enabling us to formulate a treatment plan that best meets their individual needs.

Treatment options

To provide a wonderful smile for your child or teens and adults, we offer a variety of orthodontic care options using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment. Just some of our treatment options include:

An Array Of Financing Options For Your Dental Care

The cost of orthodontics treatment differs, depending on variables like the specific treatment plan chosen and the length of time required to complete the needed treatment.

Our staff will carefully explain the cost of each treatment option and work with you to create a payment plan that fits your family’s budget. You shouldn’t have to delay treatment to straighten your teeth, simply because of the cost. We never want dollars to stand in the way of that beautiful smile you want for each of your children.

More information about our treatment options is available here as well as a list of the insurance plans accepted at Oakbrook Orthodontics.

Braces With Our Highly-Recommended Dentist in Lombard

When all is said and done, few things build self-confidence more than a beautiful smile, and at Oakbrook Orthodontics we want to provide that for you. For children, teens, and adults, we offer traditional metal braces, invisalign treatments, and other options to straighten your misaligned teeth.

If you’re not sure which option is right for you, our braces orthodontist near Lombard will be glad to schedule a free initial consultation.

Whatever your age, for the very best in orthodontic treatment and a beautiful, confidence-building smile, contact the dental office of Oakbrook Orthodontics today.

Do not wait, contact us today for free and learn more.