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Getting Your Braces Removed: What to Expect

The moment you get your braces on, you are likely looking forward to the day that you get them off only to reveal a picture-perfect smile that you’ll have for the rest of your life. Just as you had some questions and worries before you got your braces on, you’ll likely have questions about what the process is like before you get your braces off. Here is what our orthodontist in Lombard wants you to know about getting your braces removed. Feel free to contact Oakbrook Orthodontics with any further questions you may have about the process.

How Long Will the Process Take?

We understand that you are extremely excited to see your finished smile! Rest assured that the process of getting your braces off does not take long and it is not complicated. The process usually takes about one hour to complete, and it typically occurs during one appointment. Our orthodontist in Lombard will clip the brackets off and use a polisher to get the excess glue from your teeth. During the removal process, you can expect to feel a bit of pressure and you will likely hear scraping while the glue is being removed. If you have white spots on your teeth after your braces are removed, this is plaque that has changed the color of your enamel. We can help you remove them during follow-up appointments.

Expect Some Form of a Retainer

Once your braces are off, wearing a retainer helps keep your teeth in their proper position. Whether your retainer is wire and permanently sits inside of your mouth or if it is clear and only worn during the night, this is a crucial part of the process and can help ensure that no progress is undone. Some people need to wear a retainer for a few years while some need to wear it for the rest of their lives.

Set Up Regular Appointments with Your Dentist

After your braces are off, your teeth are not invincible to damage. Setting up regular appointments with your dentist is an important step to make sure that your teeth are healthy, and you have no progressing problems.

Getting your braces off is an important step, but it is the care that follows that has a huge impact on what your smile will look like for years to come. Contact our orthodontist in Lombard if you have questions about what the process of getting your braces off will be like.

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